Gayaza High School to spearhead e-learning in Uganda

Posted under General Communication on August 31st, 2012

Gayaza High School is a Microsoft Pathfinder School. It was selected because of its potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation capable of influencing schools in the community, country and the world. It has developed an e-learning platform ( that is hosted by the School website as a sub-domain. This is an educational resource platform where content developed by the Gayaza High School teachers and students is uploaded to be freely shared or accessed by learners; educators in the country and the rest of the global community. These resources include downloadable subject based self evaluation/computerised exercises generated using an integrated software suite, lesson notes, video clips, audio recordings and useful links to resources on the World Wide Web.

The School has already partnered with MTN-Uganda to promote and roll out this e-learning program to the rest of the country to ensure that quality educational resources reach remote and disadvantaged communities. Under this partnership the School has managed to introduce and demonstrate the e-learning platform to at least 23 schools and hopes to reach 50 schools by Uganda’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

Gayaza High School has also been connected to an MTN leased line Internet and availed with 5 modems. MTN Uganda has provided Access Point Name (APN) services to Gayaza. 500 APN data cards have been provided to the School and students to help avail them direct access to the School server to download exercises or resources from the e-learning platform.

Progress is now on piloting the completion of the APN solution which if proven successful will be rolled out to other schools.

The school has had discussions with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to develop and provide content for the over 800 computers it (UCC) issued in schools under the "Rural Communications Development Fund". UCC has also promised to train Gayaza High School teachers in producing content that can be run on basic mobile phones something that would facilitate learning wherever one is (Mobile learning).

The vision envisaged by Gayaza High School as a Microsoft Pathfinder School is “An open collaborative and participatory environment”. It is therefore our mandate to promote this vision to ensure that education transformation in our country is realised and learners begin to enjoy quality education. The objectives of the e-learning program include the following:

  • To introduce and demonstrate the Gayaza High School e-learning platform to schools in the country.
  • To train teachers and students in e-learning and the integration of ICT in the teaching and learning process.
  • To improve or enhance the quality of education in schools.
  • To promote the spirit of cooperation/collaboration between schools within the country.
  • To enhance 21st Century skills and innovative teaching/learning practices in schools to ensure education transformation.
  • To introduce Telecom services and learning solutions to schools and their communities.
  • To avail digitised content, educational programs and learning suites to schools.
  • To narrow or bridge the gap between the urban and rural schools.

The school has therefore planned two e-learning workshops for Head teachers at the school. Four up country school visits have also been planned. These are schools that were not covered under the partnership with MTN-Uganda; those with interest in ICT; those with available ICT infrastructure and those perceived to have the potential or capacity to influence other schools. Regional representation will also be put into consideration.

The principal objective of the workshops is to make the Head teachers appreciate the significance of ICT in Education. Head teachers who have embraced the idea of e-learning are able to implement it in their schools.

To ensure the success of this e-learning program, facilitation is required to cater for the welfare of the workshop participants, workshop materials or equipment and motivation/welfare of the trainers (Teachers). The School would appreciate any financial or material support for this noble cause.

"Never Give Up"

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