NIRA Students Registration

NIRA Students Registration

NIRA Mandatory Registration of Gayaza High School students.

NIRA will carry out Mandatory Registration of ALL the current Students of Gayaza High School.

1. Photocopies of both Parents’ National lDs for students who are 16 years and above.
2. For students below 16 years of age; Photocopies of both parents’ National lDs and any of the following: immunization Card or Birth Certificate.
3. Incase one of the parent is deceased, an LC1 letter stamped by the DISO must be availed.
4. lncase both parents are deceased a photocopy of the National lD of the guardian should be brought.

We are aware some of the students are already registered,  however this will be confirmed by NIRA during the registration.

The registration exercise is scheduled to start on Friday 22nd March, 2019.

For parents, the documents:
a) Can be hand delivered to school or
b) Take pictures or scan and send to Whatsapp Mob No. 0775 304 302. (Indicate Full Name of child and class)

Start March 22, 2019
End March 24, 2019
Organizers NIRA
Venue Gayaza High School
Phone 0772 766 364

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